Change Is In The Air!

Change Is In The Air!

2015 certainly seems like a year of great change to come!  It is a theme I am hearing over and over again from colleagues, friends and clients.  As I look to my own life, personally and professionally, I am officially on board with changing up how I do things!  All of the change that is stirring is almost like an answer to a prayer– it’s got that flavor of being sent from the Divine.  Needless to say, I am signed up and committed!  Excited to see what is in store and ready to embrace this new year and all it brings, with an open mind and an open heart.

Often times, for me, when one area of my life needs adjustment, it seems EVERYTHING follows.  Take the newly updated website for example… This is a process that had begun over a year ago.  But a lot of the pieces were not quite ready to ‘go live’.  I did not have the mental capacity available to dig into such a project.  The information had not been made available to me, fully.  Over a year later however, I have been given enough to ‘step into’ the changes.  The picture is more complete and I am more aligned to follow through with the ‘everything else’ that accompanies this change.

Growth and expansion do not always come easy.  It takes courage, willingness and the know-how to ‘listen’.  I am listening to the fact that StillPoint MFR is at capacity.  Under the current model of how StillPoint is run, there aren’t enough hours in the week to meet the demands of all of the people who need and want to receive Myofascial Release.  Let’s change that in 2015!

Stay tuned for the projected changes that await here at StillPoint Myofascial Release.  I’m not used to living my change ‘out loud’, so to speak.  For fear of failure or not coming through as I had hoped.  That is all a very real possibility, but for now, I am hopeful and ‘assured’ growth and expansion are necessary.  And with that, I ask you be on the lookout for updates regarding some of the new happenings planned for this year.

Keeping warm under a blanket of fresh snow~