Group Therapy: get your stretch on

Group Therapy: get your stretch on

Stretch a little, Learn a LOT!

What can I say, other than I just love offering these classes and watching the goodness unfold! The places that participants can bring themselves, with a few simple tools, a safe place to explore, some skilled guidance… and a great playlist. It’s MFR Magic! If you have been curious, waiting, wondering, (perhaps, even resisting!)… now is the time. Giving that ache, a break. Treating yourself to some Hurt-So-Good. Getting away from the same ‘ol potato. Group Therapy is designed to give you a little something different. A way into your Body as a means of communication with a very wise part of your being… Your Fascia.
Using foam rollers, small balls and therapy balls, Group Therapy takes traditional stretching, adds Myofascial Release principles and suddenly you are empowered! Able to make lasting changes in the physical environment of your Body. Able to speak a language your Body understands. Able to release your Body, beginning to become unstuck.


We are doing this weekly. Twice weekly, acutally.
Tuesday Evenings at 5:30pm
Wednesday Mornings at 11am
Weekday classes are 75 min. $18.
The once-monthly, First Saturday class is approaching quickly:
November 5th at 10 am.
Saturday class is 90 min. $20.

The registration is easy. Sign up below (look for the ‘classes’ link) or simply let me know. Text or call 207-232-1737. I suspect the Saturday class could reach capacity, so if you are interested, reserve your space soon.

Online scheduling

Dress comfortably. Bring water. Bring a friend. Come with questions and an open mind. How you walk in will feel different than how you walk out.

Mats and tools provided.

Hope to see you in the Yurt!