StillPoint and I

StillPoint and I

Alrighty, so here we go!!  2015 began with the promise of change and wow-weeee, is it ever holding up to its end of the deal!

I am writing this as Renie, yet I am also speaking on behalf of StillPoint Myofascial Release.  Since its inception, StillPoint MFR and myself (Renie), have been one in the same.  We have learned, created and grown as one.  Any foreseeable reasons to separate us have been irrelevant.  In fact, often times we have moved and adjusted in ways that nurture this model.  We have made decisions based on this kind of united growth and development. For some, this may not seem like a healthy business or personal practice, but for us it has been ideal. I am so grateful we have chosen to walk this path hand in hand, during our natural evolution.  And although I have taken enough precautionary measure to keep us from becoming a jumbled, knotted-up, mess-of-togetherness, which has no boundaries; up until now, we have been One.

As a unit, StillPoint and myself have created something beautiful.  A therapeutic endeavor that receives as much as it gives.  We have held each other accountable, maintained high expectations and for the most part, always deliver.  We take each other seriously and we honor the balance between work and family.  We both know when its time to dig in and get’er done.  And we also know when it’s time to punch out and close the office door to tend to other things.  StillPoint and I have been a fantastic team operating as one.  We have the same goals, visions, ideals and dreams.  We want to share MFR to its fullest expression!  We want to be available to as much of our community as possible, with the knowing that it will in turn ripple out, making our community a brighter place.

Since the beginning, we have shared dreams and visions where StillPoint and I are trusted and respected by those we have touched.  We have built a SOLID foundation based on Myofascial Release principles that apply both in the treatment room and in life.  We have had the honor of treating many an aching body, mind and spirit.  We have learned a lot in the process of outgrowing 2 professional offices.  And we are currently blessed with the opportunity to keep StillPoint close to home, by working out of it!

Working from home has been one of the greatest gifts in my career.  As a self employed, single mom of a school aged kid, there is nothing better than being able to be available and manage it all from under one roof.  An Absolute Blessing.  StillPoint and I work seamlessly to nurture all that needs tending. Treating clients, parenting my daughter, taking in a couple of shelter dogs and giving a job to my maturing cat.  We are a great couple– working together and raising a family 🙂   We have done great things and are quite proud of each other, but it is time again, To Grow.  Our tight knit, solo endeavor has reached its capacity.  StillPoint and I are in agreement that we can no longer go it alone, reaching only one person at a time.  We are bigger than this, our demands are bigger than this, so we are ready to answer the call of expansion and honor our vision.

With lots and lots of preliminary work already done on a dream that has been in the works for a good 3 years, StillPoint and I are in the thick of evolutionary growth.  We are working hard to bring the best of this dream to fruition.  Its been a labor of love to get here… and let me tell ya, in labor we are!!  It’s game time and from what I can see there is no turning back now.  From this point forward, life as StillPoint and I know it, is forever changed.

We sure hope you stay tuned for updates and information on all that is happening.  For now, please know StillPoint and I are up to something unique and wonderful.  We feel it is a true expression of all that we believe in and stand for.  We are honored to be blessed with those who show up, making StillPoint what it is.  Because without all of you wonderful clients and friends, we would be a flower that never blooms.  You fuel us to do our best and bring 100% of ourselves to the treatment room.  We like riding the edge of our potential with You!

Stay Tuned~