The Starting Point

The Starting Point

Empty page. Blank slate. White canvas. Where to begin?

I’ve gotta say, for the times in my life when I have been faced with ‘The Starting Point’, it has been known to throw me into a tailspin time and again.

An empty page ooozes opportunity and freedom to be totally creative. A blank canvas begs for color. And any chance of some beautiful masterpiece of creative expression to be seen or heard by anyone other than our own internal witness, is to take that first step; to claim the Starting Point.

It can be a total mindf#@k! The head spins, distractions consume, time passes. The internal critic has her say. The inner dialogue has you finished and failed, before you even begin. And suddenly, if your inner dialogue is anything like mine, you may find yourself swimming in a cesspool of Why Bother.

But, BOTHER we must! That creative genius that is pining for expression, if left inside, will simply rot.

And rot, it will! And with it, it will take the host, the carrier of that untapped creativity. It will pull and pang, it will knock and nudge, scream and whisper. Seeking to be released from the confines in which it lives. It needs room to breathe and take on life, grow and blossom. It just wants a chance to be more than a thought. Begging for an OUTLET, not perfection.

And maybe by now you are asking, what does this have anything to do with FASCIA? Well, to put it simply, everything!

One of the paths to our internal creative genius, is through our fascial system. That idea is kind of a head-scratcher, I realize. But look at it like this… The very nature of opening our body, allows us to open our mind. And the more we are able to truly OPEN our mind, the closer we become to being our authentic self. The deeper we are rooted into authenticity, the more clearly we are able to express our true meaning. It is through this expression, that self-actualization is possible.

The Fascial System is like the lock and the key when it comes to seeking one’s potential. It is the container of our belief systems, which if not updated regularly, can fuel our patterns. Unconsciously, without awareness. And when it comes to self expression, our ‘story’ (our hurts, failures, beliefs, embarrassments, etc) can dictate the path that expression will take.

The upside to this is finding the KEY! The key that unlocks and unleashes our potential. Our purpose and passion. Our innate ability to heal old wounds and re-pattern our beliefs. THAT KEY! That key that is housed in dried out, untouched, locked down fascia! It is there to be found, and there for the taking. It is through our wounds we can find a roadmap to our highest and most colorful, expressive self, that represents a TRUE YOU.

But you must start. Simply begin the journey. Put the pen to paper, the color on the canvas, the words to your song. Let your feet move and your body dance. Finding freedom as you begin.

After all, it is JUST the starting point… it is where you are led, that is the masterpiece.