Therapist Turns Patient

Therapist Turns Patient

That is the actual Angel Card I picked the day I got my Ass KICKED!!

As if… As if I didn’t immediately know.

(Head hung low) I have been getting my ass kicked … and the sick part … I kinda like it.

Granted, ‘like’ is all relative, BUT, magic, timeliness, messages and ‘coincidence’ are things that FASCINATE me. Put a heavy dose of HEALING on top of that, and suddenly this Myofascial Release therapist is paying attention in a way like never before!

In the big scheme of things, my likely ‘not-so-random’ accident, was mild. Perhaps, life altering, but not life shattering. There is an element of unexplainable re-routed-ness I feel. Subtle, yet profound.

And quite frankly, I think I should be able to write off all expenses as Continuing Education, because, man… I have learned a TON about the healing process! And since that is my job, I think it’s a viable expense!

I have heard the wise John F. Barnes teach for over a decade, “you can only take your patients as far as you have gone yourself.” So I say here, to my clients, “come along for the ride, as we have just entered new territory!”

Exactly one month after the Yurt opened her doors as the new home of StillPoint Myofascial Release, I was FINALLY feeling the breathing room of the dust settling and somewhat grounded in all that had recently reorganized. It was an admin Tuesday. No clients scheduled. A day to catch up on the piles that had been neglected. I was PSYCHED! I felt a sense of normalcy and stress-less-ness that I had not physically felt in my body for a long time. Literally, I felt the lightness of a weight being lifted.

Although my timing was ‘off’ this particular morning, there was nothing super unusual. My normal routine was just a little re-routed.

As I was walking the dogs more leisurely than normal, I was reeling in my recent accomplishments of Yurt completion, giddy to be entering the next iteration of my career and business life. Settling into all of that business change and its ripple effect into my personal home life. Giving GREAT thanks, in my mind, to my mentor, John Barnes, for his gifts and how I have been blessed to be a direct recipient of his teachings. Truth is, I was in a moment of gratitude and bliss for ALL that is.  Flowing with the notion of how intricate life really is when we stop to notice.

On the trail, my dogs were looking at me funny as I was literally finding air beneath my feet, leaping in gratitude. Dorking out to the lightness I felt in every part of my being.

And then.

And then, we were making our way back towards the car. Saw a pack of dogs ahead. Thought about it for a moment. Thought to walk a different direction. But didn’t. Put my one dog on the leash… then took him off. Thinking, it’s all good.

Well. I wonder if I had kept my beefy dog on his leash, that I wouldn’t have been set up like a bowling pin for one of dogs in the pack. Because no sooner did I take him off, this wicked fast moving Ridgeback (I think) totally clipped me, sent me airborne and on my ass.

Needless to say, I will never know.

But, I do NOW know sooooooo much more than I did before that pivotal point of impact, that spontaneously took me out of my state of bliss. That pivotal moment that has shifted me into a High Gear of Healing. That moment that has left me to re-discover a personal side of Myofascial Release that I have not before experienced.

That fast moving dog, didn’t slow down when it met my left knee. MOTHA*#$!@!

It was one of those moments where I wondered, ‘is that me screaming like that?’, as I was airborne. I hit the ground, my knee went POP!, and I continued to shout profanities much louder than I normally would in public. (took full advantage of the moment, I guess).

All of that to say, I have been in full on Patient mode. Receiving loads of MFR. From both myself and others. Both equally as powerful. And THAT, is where the learning has taken place. Holy Mother, I have learned a LOT! As if I weren’t already in full amazement of the body and the mind, the fascial system and our innate ability to heal!

All of the irony to this story is not lost on me.

Just as soon as…. just as soon as StillPoint Myofascial Release is about to embark on a new path of the Journey… I have been given ‘just enough’ of an opportunity to go deeply inwards, before I begin to move outwards. Re-routed.

Just as soon as I finished the major construction phase of the yurt building project, I am given the opportunity to slow waaaaaaaay down and make a clear shift in the gears to prepare for the newness. To give the subtle shift from working ‘on’ the Yurt, instead of IN the Yurt, the respect it deserves. To greet it with great Intention. Re-routed.

This is the part I kind of like.

It’s not the pain or the very limited function in my knee and leg I was referring to. What I like is the subtlety. The slow pace necessary to heal. The commitment to mySELF. The support, wisdom and creative-genius touch I have received from some highly talented healing artists. These are all things that when life is status quo, we are not always grated permission to do.

I am really quite fascinated by the utilization of the Mind, via the Fascial System, as it relates to Sensation. This is a part of the healing process that is Beyond Powerful. It is an experiential concept, a subtle art form and a fine-tuned skill that, when harnessed, could find people in the Driver’s Seat of their own health. THAT is the Future of Healthcare!

It is here, this Patient has been able to find utter Patience with the healing process. Slow moving, limited function, pain and inflammation have been a gift. Albeit, a slightly backhanded gift. It has not been ‘fun’, but I have been re-routed. I am taking full ownership of this process to dive deep for myself and for those I am blessed enough to touch.

~The farther in we go, the farther out we can reach~