In my previous life,  I spent lots of time working in bars and restaurants.  I sometimes still have waitress dreams. The kind where I feel like I’ve worked all night long.  Frantic paced dreams where I keep getting sat with bus loads of people, and all of the tables in my section are loudly asking me for something; and disappointed people walking out because I can’t get to them.  Strangely enough, in these dreams, the kitchen is always down a really long hallway, up 3 flights of stairs and I  always seem to get lost getting there!

In the restaurant industry, the term used when you are really busy and can’t get to everything that needs to be done is called ‘being In The Weeds’.  It is a phrase that has stuck with me long after my waitress days.  And although I no longer serve food and drink to make a living, there are many parallels in my current life where I find myself in the weeds, and cant seem to find my way out!

And lately, whew!, I have been so totally WEEDED!  Weeded beyond having plates of food to deliver and no trays handy. Or salads to dress, only to have empty salad dressing containers where the backup is somewhere in a lost kitchen.  Take a look at my garden this year, it is a prime example of just how weeded.  LOL.

All of that to say, this yurt project that has taken up countless hours and more mental bandwidth than I knew I had in me, is nearing completion.  And although I would have loved to have kept up with sharing the progress a little more along the way, that ice bin was empty every time I went to fill a glass….

As the building portion of this endeavor comes to completion, I have been finding more minutes to compile the picture story.

Please click here to watch. (Full discloser:  it is my first attempt at YouTube. Please keep that in mind.)

Who knew the creative expression I have been feeling stir inside of me would have a chance to show itself in a building project??  This has taken my creative capacities and stretched their limits farther than I could have imagined. It has been a challenge and an enormous gift to work through.

As fall has begun, the intensity of the weeds are slowing down here in Maine.  Hall-e-freakin-lujah!!!