About Stillpoint

StillPoint Myofascial Release is dedicated to those who are on a personal journey to discovering authentic healing. Founded by Renie Allen, StillPoint Myofascial Release has been a respected name since 2008. At StillPointMFR, you can expect unique, individualized and profound hands-on therapy.  Come experience for yourself, the future of Health Care.


About Renie Allen, Owner, LMT, Myofascial Release Therapist:

  • Graduate of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Boulder, CO;
  • Trained by John F. Barnes in Myofascial Release;
  • Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association;
  • An assistant instructor for John F. Barnes Seminars;
  • Certified by the American Heart Association in CPR and Basic First Aid;
  • Former True North Health Center Affiliate Practitioner.

“I began my career in bodywork after having graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, Colorado in 2001. Since that time I have been in private practice and have continuously enjoyed its evolution. In 2004, I began studying the John F. Barnes approach to Myofascial Release. During this time, I have come to understand and appreciate the importance of finding a therapist that works for you, by working with you. Someone you are comfortable with and can trust. Someone who listens to and understands both your words and your body.

“However it is you prefer to move through life– whether is involves sports, dance, music, animals or spending time outdoors– the freedom of a healthy body is a gift! I have complete respect for life in motion. Whether you are serious about competition or about being your best You, it is preferred our body do what we ask of it. When injury, pain and symptoms or emotional stress begin to get our attention, Myofascial Release is a great way to decipher the messages our bodies are sending us. We are only given ONE BODY… we should get to know and understand its language intimately.

“As I do have a school aged daughter at home and run a busy practice, I appreciate the efforts necessary to maintain balance of one’s self. Quite often, it takes effort to make the time necessary for ourselves! I can honestly say that MFR is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. As you allow, there is the potential to seamlessly heal your body, calm your mind, lift your spirit and find your soul!

“I continue to study directly under John F. Barnes as a way to enhance both my personal and professional life. As I move forward through my own personal journey, I am able to share more of what I learn with you. It is an honor to connect, work together and explore the gift of Myofascial Release.”